Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chick Flick Check List

Ever wanted to know which of your favorite movies is a Chick Flick..Go through and check off these Chick Flick moments..If you check them all then you've got yourself a full fledged CHICK FLICK! Enjoy!

Chick Flick Check List!!!

  • Lip lock moment (a kiss)

  • “Woof-Whistle” moment (hott guy)

  • The fox and hound moment (relationship)

  • “Awwww” moment (all the girls in the audience)

  • “That's so true” moment (life situations)

  • Groove moment (good music)

  • Eye popping moment (romantic setting)

  • “Ah-ha!” moment (predictable)

  • Cheese moment

  • “NO!!!!!” moment

  • “I so called that” moment

by Katie Marvin, Donetta Meadows, Sara Hill, Anna Patow, Danae Gillespie, Katy Riley, Faith Hamm, Miranda Taylor, Ema B.

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