Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chick Flick Check List

Ever wanted to know which of your favorite movies is a Chick Flick..Go through and check off these Chick Flick moments..If you check them all then you've got yourself a full fledged CHICK FLICK! Enjoy!

Chick Flick Check List!!!

  • Lip lock moment (a kiss)

  • “Woof-Whistle” moment (hott guy)

  • The fox and hound moment (relationship)

  • “Awwww” moment (all the girls in the audience)

  • “That's so true” moment (life situations)

  • Groove moment (good music)

  • Eye popping moment (romantic setting)

  • “Ah-ha!” moment (predictable)

  • Cheese moment

  • “NO!!!!!” moment

  • “I so called that” moment

by Katie Marvin, Donetta Meadows, Sara Hill, Anna Patow, Danae Gillespie, Katy Riley, Faith Hamm, Miranda Taylor, Ema B.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wake up sleepy head, Get out of Bed!

I'm sure we've all had those morning where we just don't want to get out of bed. But with our schedules like classes, work, or even morning coffee dates, we NEED to get our butt out of bed. AND get out of bed on TIME!
This is the cutest alarm clock I have ever seen! His name is Clocky (they also have Tocky)
When it's time to get up, Clocky rolls off the night stand onto the floor. He proceeds to run around the room and find a hiding place! That's just adorable :-) In order to turn of the alarm, you gotta go find him!!!!!!!!

check it out::::